Traditional banking is complex, inefficient, and frustrating.

While we believe healthy well-placed regulations are markers of responsible governments, we do not believe it has to slow the pace of modern business.

BankQix balances the best of traditional banking with the best of modern online banking and uses the  blockchain to provide efficient, optimized, products and services for today’s fast-moving business environment.

Instant. Secure. Trusted.

The idea of instant banking has evolved over time and until now has been limited to payments.

It’s only recently been possible to achieve its’ true definition and fulfill core banking functionalities like trading of equities, bonds, and currencies, opening escrow, checking, and savings accounts, transferring cash, and receiving credit cards and business loans in seconds.

Do more with less.

We look forward to serving all your banking needs. 

Executive Team

Davy Man
Business Development and Fundraising Officer